What is Community Impact Day?

At Brevard Community Church, we welcome people to put their compassion to work every week through various Serve Groups.  Beginning this summer, one day a year we will ask everyone at BCC to jump in to be part of Community Impact Day – hundreds of us sharing the love of Jesus all across our county! Community Impact Day (CID) is July 29.


BCC will close its doors on Sunday, July 29 (yep, you read that right – no regular weekend services on campus) so its attendees can spend the morning volunteering in the local community through a broad scope of projects and make an impact on a scale larger than what they could do on their own. CID is an opportunity to show the love of Christ by BEING the church in real and tangible ways by extending support beyond our own walls.



Yes, we believe the local church, living and teaching the truth of Jesus Christ, is the hope of the world and has the potential and power to bring about life change. Missions are often thought of as leaving the country to make an impact elsewhere. God’s love and concern extends to all people in every place, and we are called to make an impact right in our own community. CID is one way we do that!


HOw can i get involved?

We all have our hand on the pulse of different needs throughout our community, so we’re asking YOU to help come up with a CID project that’s all your own.  We’re excited about inviting you to help define and decide what difference we’ll make in Western North Carolina this summer. Thank you in advance for helping us make an impact in our own backyards.

If you’d like to submit a project request for CID, click here. 


When can I register to serve for a CID project?

Registration will open Thursday, July 5.


What if I’ve still got questions?

If you have any questions about Community Impact Day or would like to talk about a CID project, email info@brevardcommunity.org or call 828.884.5932.