What is Project 6/4? At BCC we are called to be a movement of God. God desires for us to move others to Him. That is why we want to build people, not buildings. PROJECT 6/4, is a vision to plant 6 churches in 4 years in communities west of BCC on Hwy 64.

These churches would be a network of like-minded, community churches moving people into a more dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ. The benefit of a network is that we can reach more communities without having to reproduce the entire church. We feel this is the most efficient and cost-effective way to accomplish our mission to move people into a more dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ.

PROJECT 6/4 is not a vision to be a bigger church. It’s more about impact and reach. We believe that the local church is the hope of the world and that communities at their worst deserve a church at its best. Our desire is to make this movement of God more local and accessible to people throughout our region and have a greater impact in Western North Carolina.

We know this effort will require countless volunteers and the financial sacrifice multiple people. But as a church, we will give up things we love, for things we love most.