Have you heard a great message at BCC and want to discuss it with someone else? Each week we post a discussion guide for our messages. Groups are encouraged to use these guides to bridge the gap between the message on Sunday and application during the week. Below are recent guides.

TIO – Better Together – Week 3

TIO – Better Together – Week 2

TIO – Better Together – Week 1

Daily Quiet Time 

The Daily Quiet Time Guide is a tool designed to help you foster a connection with God through Bible reading, reflection, and prayer. Along the way, you’ll learn other helpful practices that foster a connection with God.  Daily Quiet Times can be completed in about 10 minutes each day.

DQT – Better Together – Week 3

DQT – Better Together – Week 2

DQT – Better Together – Week 1

Right now media 

We’re excited to give you free access to RightNow Media, a wonderful library of video resources for all ages from churches and pastors all across the country, to help you develop and grow as both a disciple of Jesus and disciple-maker. Streaming directly to your computer, tablet, or mobile device, you’ll find the online Bible Study Library includes relevant content for every age group or spiritual season. You can search by category, topic, or speaker. Additionally, many of the series have direct links to workbooks and leader guides. Parents, you’ll find that RightNow has a multitude of videos and resources for your kids. Utilize the link below to start using this resource today.

BCC is now offering a new app called Church Center. With it, you can register for events, sign up for groups and classes, give easily online, contact the church, update your personal info, and check your giving statements.
Click below to go to the App Store or Google Play and download the Church Center app today!

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prayer Guide 

At BCC, we pray first. This prayer guide features biblical tools for building up your prayer life. With verses and tips for different kinds of prayers, like the Lord’s Prayer, Tabernacle Prayers, and Lifestyle Prayers, this booklet can equip you to make strong, effective prayer a part of your daily life.