Check out these discussion guides for our messages. You are encouraged to use these guides to bridge the gap between the message on Sunday and application during the week with your family or life group.

TIO – Talking Points – Week 4

TIO – Talking Points – Week 3

TIO – Talking Points – Week 2

TIO – Talking Points – Week 1

Daily Quiet Time 

The Daily Quiet Time Guide is a tool designed to help you foster a connection with God through Bible reading, reflection, and prayer. The DQT can be completed in about 10 minutes each day.

DQT – Talking Points – Week 4

DQT – Talking Points – Week 3

DQT – Talking Points – Week 2

DQT – Talking Points – Week 1

For the Family

We want to partner with you to help move your family into a more dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ. Below are resources that you can share as a family, based on age level. What a great opportunity to share these resources together.

Resources – 9/20

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Launch (Birth-Pre-K)

Konnect (Kindergarten-Grade 4)

Loop (Grades 5 & 6)

Switch (Grades 7-12)
Switch Students will meet Sunday evenings Switch Tribes, where they’ll spent time growing and learning with their peers. Switch Tribes happen Sundays, 5:30-7:30 p.m. at BCC. Join us outside of the Student Center.


Romans 12:4-5 says, Just as our bodies have many parts and each part has a special function, so it is with Christ’s body. We are many parts of one body, and we all belong to each other. God created us to be connected to one another to form His body, His church. With everything that is happening in the world today, it’s no secret that forming new connections and keeping old ones is more difficult than ever. That is why we are excited to tell you about Family Connect!

Family Connect is a fun way to build a connection with another family here at BCC all the while staying socially distanced. This is a fun activity for the whole family!

Find out more information click below! 

We’re excited to give you free access to RightNow Media, a wonderful library of video resources for all ages from churches and pastors all across the country, to help you develop and grow as both a disciple of Jesus and disciple-maker. Streaming directly to your computer, tablet, or mobile device, you’ll find the online Bible Study Library includes relevant content for every age group or spiritual season. You can search by category, topic, or speaker. Additionally, many of the series have direct links to workbooks and leader guides. Parents, you’ll find that RightNow has a multitude of videos and resources for your kids. Utilize the link below to start using this resource today.

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