Our values and beliefs guide us. Values are the standards that guide our conduct in a variety of settings. Core values are not situational, relative, or provisional. While circumstances may change, ideally, values do not. 

VISION and MISSION statements provide direction, focus, and energy to a shared goal.

VALUES express the integrity that individuals believe in. They serve as a tool in daily interactions that guide behavior, and that’s why attached to each of our values is a question. 

Our Values

biblical authority

We believe the Bible is God’s Word and is without flaw. Therefore, it is our ultimate standard.

To what extent are you fulfilling what Scripture calls you to do and to be?

Serving others

We are called to be spiritual contributors, not spiritual consumers. We believe the church does not exist for us; we are the church and we exist for the world.

How are you leveraging your gifts for God’s purposes?


We give up things we love for the things we love even more. We believe it is more blessed to give than to receive – through our service and giving.

What are you giving up for the cause of Christ?


We believe God works through people, not programs. It is the church’s role to equip individuals to respond to God’s activity in their life.

What are you doing to help someone realize their God-given identity and purpose?

connecting with god

God is the ultimate power source for personal transformation. Lasting life change happens through intentional pursuit of Him.

How do you listen for God’s voice, and what steps do you take to obey when He speaks?

intentional relationships

There is power in full grace and complete truth, which is best experienced in intentional relationships. Doing life alone is deadly.

Who has your complete trust and can speak truths that you may not want to hear?

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